The story behind Partydecorgarden

I feel so excited that you have stopped to read the story behind Partydecorgarden:)
I am a wife, mom, social psychologist, small business owner, violin player, and certified wedding event designer who has worked in the South Florida wedding industry for over a decade.
Partydecorgarden was born one year later after weddingdecordarden :)
You can see the full story of my beginnings at

This shop has grown to what it is today because of customers like you. My customers have helped me grow this business by leaving a review for my shop and sending me beautiful pictures of their events.
I never asked for a picture, yet, they gladly sent lots of them to me. Some of the images in my listings are gifts from good photographers, too.

The good reviews have always encouraged my work on Etsy, but the bad reviews have helped me grow. I have learned to be grateful for both of them. Thanks again :)

I still have the opportunity to work from home not only for my Etsy shops but in different areas related to weddings and brides.
I have enjoyed interacting with all of my customers since 2016.

You will only find my handmade products here!

I am thankful to continue being alive, enjoying my family, and selling on Etsy serving customers like you like it was the first time I opened this shop.
Thank you so much for choosing this shop to be part of your special event.
You are one of the reasons I wake up thankful every day :)

Don't forget to continue visiting me♥

"Love is patient and kind. . ." Corinthians 13:4

“Two are better than one. For if they fall, one will lift up the other.” Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

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