Once you have the ring, believe me, you will have so many people full of ideas about how you should decorate your wedding, which ladies should be your bridesmaids, where you should go for your honeymoon, and who should you invite to your wedding. 

Unfortunately for them, the wedding day is a gift for you, and you are the one in charge. As I have told you before, I am a psychologist who happens to be a bridal coach and wedding designer & decorator.

Despite the people surrounding you, I have the knowledge and experience to help you design your wedding. You can spend less than hundreds of dollars to make your wedding look expensive when applying the correct principles and design elements, along with other psychological tips, you can transform a budget wedding to another level.

For today's blog, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of big and small weddings and how to choose what's right for you. Although some wedding planners classify weddings as small, medium, and big, I love to divide them into two categories. I will tell you why in a moment. 

Small weddings are made up of only VIP people in your life; big weddings incorporate the rest. 

Which wedding size is right for you?

Once, a bride told me that she was thinking about having a tiny wedding with just 150 guests. Well, I was shocked. How could she name her wedding a small one? She came from an extensive and warm Italian family. 

She counted on inviting all her uncles, cousins, aunts, in-laws, and in-between. She was a little discouraged that she would not be able to invite many of her friends and co-workers to the wedding for financial reasons. 

So, as you can see, the size of your wedding depends exclusively on you and your family and friends' dynamics. So, if you have 20 family members and you happen to invite 30 friends, even though it sounds like a small wedding is already big for you, especially if you are an introvert. 

Usually, a small wedding is made up of 50 invites, and a big wedding is over 150 invites. So, as your bridal coach, I can tell you this: Don't overthink how big or small your wedding will be. 

Think about what people you want to invite and be part of such a special moment in your lifetime. Now, let's go to the second, more important question here: 

Do I have the money to afford it?

When we talk about wedding guests, we are not just counting food, but we are talking about invitations, favors, drinks, and more. 

Sometimes you invite one person, and when they RSVP, she asks you if she can take her new boyfriend to your wedding, too. (Yes, you have to plan for friends who will do things like this).

Weddings are those events where even the dogs want to go, but you always have to think about your financial resources and what will happen to you and your future husband once you are married. 

 By any chance, go into debt to get married.  Work with the resources that you have, and if you have to trim your wedding list, trim it. Think about what kind of celebration you always dreamed of having: a beach wedding? A boat-yacht wedding? What about a wedding in a museum or a costly venue?

If an extensive list of guests frustrates you about your dreams and plans, just cut it off and use the budget for what you want. 

Some brides have decided to marry in a beautiful expensive hotel just with mom, dad, and siblings, and they have enjoyed it all. When you have a very tight budget, I would always recommend inviting just a few close people and investing more in the vendors. 

Still, if you are a people lover,  you can use all of the money you have to make a simple ceremony reception incorporated wedding with not-so-fancy food, invitations,  favors, and so on. 

And that’s all for today, my dear bride-to-be, Remember that you can reach out to me or write in the comments below about what you would like me to blog about for you.  Already excited about designing your wedding?

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